This blog is a tribute to Belle, and all the dogs who have come before and after. They are my friends, my companions, my teachers and my students. They bring me both joy and heartache, laughter and tears. There is nothing as sweet as the smell of puppy breathe, and nothing as sad as the final goodbye.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Comments on 2 German Shepherds and a Husky get into a Fight Video

Published on Nov 24, 2018
This video is very popular in dog training circles. I added my observations about when the Shepherds are warning the Husky. I find many people don't notice those warnings when watching the video. It is helpful to know what the Shepherds are doing so we as Humans can learn about dog behavior. It shows the German Shepherds warning the Husky multiple times using body language and eye contact. The Husky is picking on the Lab repeatedly and the German Shepherds do not agree with the Husky's behavior. Finally the Husky decides he is going to tell the Shepherd to leave him alone, but the Shepherds take over and put the Husky in his place.The Shepherd keeps the pressure on by standing over the Husky until he totally calms down and submits. This is a step we humans often miss. We don't keep pressure on the dog until the dog totally gives in and accepts his place and our instructions. I am not advocating humans roll dogs in this manner, but we can learn a lot about effective communication, and how to follow through with out instructions with dogs by this video.

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