This blog is a tribute to Belle, and all the dogs who have come before and after. They are my friends, my companions, my teachers and my students. They bring me both joy and heartache, laughter and tears. There is nothing as sweet as the smell of puppy breathe, and nothing as sad as the final goodbye.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fearful dogs

A dog with fear issues is usually a poorly socialized dog. Often this occurs because the dog, when a young pup, was not exposed to a variety of enriched environmental and social stimuli that is necessary to ensure sound emotional development. There are other situations resulting in a fearful dog of course; however in my experience, most fearful dogs are a result of the lack of proper early socialization.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dogs of the World

Artist Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings has created “Dogs of the World“, a wonderful illustrated guide that groups the dogs of the world by their geographic origin. These charming illustrations are available as prints for purchase at Lili’s Etsy Shop, while items such as T-Shirts, mugs and pillows are available via Lili’s Society 6 store