This blog is a tribute to Belle, and all the dogs who have come before and after. They are my friends, my companions, my teachers and my students. They bring me both joy and heartache, laughter and tears. There is nothing as sweet as the smell of puppy breathe, and nothing as sad as the final goodbye.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Please Include Your Pets

Taken from Eleventh Hour Rescue

Taken from Eleventh Hour Rescue. Thank you for the great advise-

With Hurricane Sandy on a course to hit us in the northeast early next week please make sure that you include your pets in your emergency planning...
When disaster strikes, the same rules that apply for people apply for pets: Preparation ma
kes all the difference. Take a few minutes to make a plan, and assemble an emergency kit for you and your pet.

A good disaster plan will increase the chances you and your pets will make it through events from hurricanes and wildfires to tornadoes and chemical spills.

See the disaster and pets checklist below to get started.


1 Start getting ready now
ID your pet
Put together your disaster kit
Find a safe place to stay ahead of time
2 If you evacuate, take your pet
3 If you stay home, do it safely
4 Keep taking care even after the disaster
5 Be ready for everyday emergencies

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